Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Closer from outside organization...

Photo by Michael Baron
I thought the most interesting part of last night's game was Sandy Alderson's interview, in which he discussed the closer's position.

First of all, as I said in a post yesterday I'm glad he sees the closers position as an important role.  My novice concept of moneyball is that they're all just interchangeable pieces and after seeing relievers struggle to fill-in for both Wagner and K-Rod I wouldn't have agreed with that philosophy.  But Sandy has cleared that up by making it pretty clear he feels the team needs a legitimate closer.

Secondly, I was glad that his assessment of the current bullpen is consistent with mine in that none of the pitchers who have auditioned for the role have been overwhelming and the org. needs to look for alternative options.  It's quite refreshing and unique to have a GM admit with ten games to go, that in the off-season he will be looking for someone to fill a role that currently three guys are trying to win ( Parnell/Acosta/Beato).  I know some will say he just crushed those three pitcher's confidence, however if it were me, my personality would try to be proving him wrong for the rest of the season.

The free agent market is deep so some veteran could conceivably sign at a reasonable price, but our next closer could be so unheard of prospect who's log jammed with his current team and is now trade bait...