Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Collins Yes but Warthen no...

This week we have learned that the Mets picked up the option on Terry Collins, the first year manager absolutely deserved the endorsement. It also gives the club stability entering the off-season and I don't believe it will go un-noticed how much players have enjoyed working under TC.

I feel the exact opposite about Dan Warthen, I know the organization's mantra is that he's gotten more from what he had to work with then should be expected. I just don't see it; in my opinion several players have regressed and I haven't seen one player excel under Warthen. Under Peterson you can list players who substantially improved and after his departure regressed; Maine, Ollie and Pelfrey to name a few.

More important to me is that Dan Hudgens has implemented a hitting plan in which the Mets have the best OBP in the league and with each minor leaguer that has been called up we've seen them come to the plate with that same methodical, patient pitch selection. I don't see any such plan with the pitching staff, beyond the generic throw strikes. 

By reports Warthen isn't officially returning but most feel it would be a surprise if he leaves and he has Collins support.