Thursday, September 15, 2011

Franco to mentor Parnell..

Photo by Michael Baron
Bobby Parnell has struggled since being named the closer, it's as if a switch went off and he's become a different pitcher.  In less then a month he's already blown five games while his ERA and WHIP continue to climb.

I'm not sure Parnell is a closer but I do know he's better then he's been pitching.  If this is mental, then who better to attempt to help build his confidence then a former closer who got by more on guile then stuff...

"The more that [Parnell] can understand it's an attitude, that you've got to believe that everything is going to work your way and you've got to choose your battles, the better he will be," Warthen said. "I think John Franco can help him in that respect. He's a good, name guy and I try to use all the people I can."source NY Post