Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Santana goes, so goes the off-season ?

Photo by Michael Baron
I believe that what will dictate how the Mets proceed this off-season will have less to do with economics and more to do with Johan Santana.  I think the Mets have shown their hand in reference to the Madoff clawback, in playing hardball with Einhorn they showed that they're truly not that desperate which coincides with many reports that the momentum has shifted away from Picard.

Sandy Alderson understands how hard it is to find a true staff ace, so the reports of how good Santana looked during his bullpen session maybe an indication as to what direction this team takes this off-season.  If in fact Santana is back to ace form, I don't see Alderson wasting a year of a truly great Ace's career when he is already 32 y/o.

So more then anything I think Jose Reyes' future as a Met  hinges upon how Johan fares in his rehab.  It's true that the free agent class is weak and the Mets will be scaling back their payroll but Alderson has already shown the ability to find something from nothing and with the Mets having very little financial commitments next season, there is payroll flexibility. 

Warthen said Santana’s recent pitching has been better than the second half of last year.

“Better velocity. The arm has the same slot each and every time. He wasn’t searching for a place that it didn’t hurt,” Warthen said. “He had multiple things with his body that hurt (last year) -- back was a little sore, knee was a little sore.”source ESPN NY