Sunday, September 18, 2011

Insightful old interview of Depodesta...

Photo by Michael Baron
While doing some research for another post I came across this interview of Paul DePodesta at Beyond the Box score.

The interview is from 2008 when Depo was working in San Diego under Kevin Towers.

Last off-season we really didn't get to see the front office working at full capacity, not only were they working under financial constrictions and the lack of roster flexibility left to him but they also needed to learn the system they were inheriting.

While they still may not have the budget a NY team should be expected to have, there will be plenty of financial and roster flexibility for them to put their fingerprint on this team.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at this old interview to possibly get a bit of insight into what input Depo may have on the roster. The entire interview is very interesting but I was surprised to see the below answer where this Moneyball guy placed such an emphasis on an intangible like chemistry...

QUESTION: As a Rays' fan, I've seen my share of talented players with attitude and character issues - and we've seen Milton Bradley with both the A's and Pads, so I ask how much does make-up play into the scouting process and overall desirability of acquiring players?

DEPODESTA: I think makeup is critical. This game is a grind, and consequently it takes tremendous mental toughness to succeed. Makeup is often what separates the Championship players from the rest of the pack. Nobody on talent alone is a Championship player. The chemistry element, which I think you're hinting at, is much trickier. I don't know that anyone has figured out the alchemy involved there. I don't think many people would doubt its' importance, but I for one question our ability to manufacture it. You're talking about very complex interactions. source Beyond the box score