Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is Collins handling Parnell properly...

Photo by Michael Baron
Is two blown saves in three tries enough to know a pitcher isn't a closer, after Jason Isringhausen's 300th career save it was suppose to be Parnell's time to be groomed as the team's next closer. 

Since taking over as the closer on August 15th Parnell has blown four saves in nine attempts; he's walked eight, given up nine hits and allowed six earned runs in 11.1 innings of work.  In fact Bobby hasn't had a clean inning in his last eight outing, which dates back to August 23rd. 

Parnell's produced a 2.92 ERA (24 appearances) in the first half of this season and a 2.83 ERA in 41 appearances last season, along with an under 3 ERA in four of the six months of the '09' season.  Based on that track record it would be easy to surmise that Parnell was pressing since his promotion and the course of action should be to stick with the youngster. 

That's exactly what Collins said three days ago when Parnell blew his first save of the week but after last night's blown save it sounded as if he was already wavering on the young pitcher. 

And tonight with a one run lead Manny Acosta is summoned in the ninth instead of Parnell, to complicate matters Acosta is really in a groove and I'm sure some fans will be clamouring for him to be the closer.

Did Parnell simply need a rest and Isringhausen looks out of gas or has the hierarchy seen enough and are moving on with the auditions for next year's closer. What of the younger pitcher's psyche, which is more devastating being rolled out their every night, getting shelled and second guessing your stuff or being demoted for a journeyman reliever. 

There are those who think Parnell was more of a ROOGY then a closer and that this was a doomed experiment to start.  He's only has two pitches and his fastball is too straight, while his slider isn't good enough.

So the immediate question is whether using Acosta tonight was the right move, while the long term question is whether Parnell has been given a long enough look and the Mets should be looking at the alternatives at closer...