Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mets complete K-Rod deal...

I think the Mets did pretty good considering the circumstances, K-Rod's contract was an albatross and he had just signed with Scott Boras. The fact that he waived his option and now says he would have for the Mets is hindsight in my opinion.

If the Mets got anyone who could contribute to the major league club is a plus, getting rid of K-Rod's deal was the important. In return for K-Rod the Mets got two guys who could potentially help the bullpen, in Daniel Herrera and Adrian Rosario.

Herrera has already had some success in the majors as a left handed reliever, here's what was said about him when the Brewers claimed him from the Reds.

Herrera is generally known for being only 5-foot-6 -- which is obviously an oddity amongst big league pitchers -- but he also has handcuffed left-handers pretty well at the plate throughout his career. Lefties have only hit .206 off Herrera over his three years in the big leagues, and the Brewers do not have a LOOGY to handle quality left-haned hitters in high-leverage spots. source JS Online

While Rosario the younger of the two and still in the lower levels of the minors is called a potential sleeper...