Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mets have to complete K-Rod deal today...

For those of you wondering and for those not bear with me for a paragraph Mets stuff is below, this is the longest hiatus from the site since I started it in 2006.  Where have I been, two words Hurricane Irene.  I was basically on lock down from Fri-Mon. as a first responder, while my wife kept the sub-pump and shop vac. going in our own basement.  By Mon. it was clean-up time at that little side gig store we own, didn't lose anything mechanical/equipment (which is a miracle - thank god for snadbags) but everything had to be thrown away and started from scratch. So it's exactly a week since I started prepping and things are back to normal; aside from the big hole in my financial pocket, no phone/internet/cable at the house and the fatigue/exhaustion setting in. 

The Mets have until today to pick two players from a list of five players to complete the K-Rod deal, there has been a great deal of speculation over who the players will be and I'm a bit intrigued over who they will be acquiring.  This front office group is very good at finding diamonds in the rough, so even though the names aren't believed to be high name prospects I still think they will find players of value.