Monday, September 12, 2011

Mets players too meek in response to league

I'm having a hard time with the Mets players today and their meek reaction to the leagues ridiculous decision to not allow them to wear first responder hats last night.   I fully admit that the tenth anniversary has hit me harder then the last few, not that I've ever forgotten a single moment from ten years ago but I'm a shutter downer, lock it out and press on type. This is the first year I've actually watched some of the shows on Sept. 11th, I'm probably a bit raw and taking it out on the Mets...

I know logically it's a stupid hate that means absolutely nothing and this is a young group of players that probably struggled with a decision against an authority like the league.

It's funny had they taken the field with the hats and the leagues' blessing it would have simply been a nice gesture, for me it became an issue when they were told "no".

Wearing the hats in NYC was the right thing to do as a gesture of support for those first responders who sacrificed so much. The Wilpon's got it right with their ceremony, while the league completely botched it but for me so did the players.

It was nice that David Wright wore his in the dugout until they took it from him, but it wasn't enough for me. I wish this team was more like the 2001 team, you want it your going to have to wrestle it from me on the field in front of the Nation.

Back then there were so many guys who refused orders because they felt they had to be there "this is what we do", while others meekly followed the rules with a shrug "we tried what can we do".  And while some will dismiss this as just a silly symbolic gesture, it would have meant a lot to at least this fan especially after they were told not to. 

An old Gunny once told me; sometimes orders and the right thing aren't always the same, an NCO isn't worth his salt if he hasn't been busted down at least once over a tough in-the-heat-of-the-moment decision that was the right thing to do for his men but went against orders ....

Anyhow I vent all this wearing a green Murphy T-shirt and looking forward to watching tonight's game, just as they were Sept. 21th, 2001 and as much as they infuriate me at times the Mets are my sanctuary...