Friday, September 30, 2011

Mets will look for a LOOGY..

Photo by Michael Baron

It sounds like Alderson isn't sold on Daniel Herrera and will look at the lefty market this off-season. It seems like part of the revamping of the bullpen is to find a second lefty to go with Tim Byrdak.  In the past the Mets have settle on one lefty and a cross over righty which hasn't always worked out in their favor, I'm glad to see them at least evaluating their options.  The NL east has too many good lefty hitters not to try and get the match-up in your favor...

The expectation is the Mets will attempt to sign a second southpaw too, even with the potential for Capuano to re-sign and be a part of the bullpen. Despite Daniel Herrera's initial success upon joining the Mets, the belief is that his screwball becomes less effective with familiarity, which is why the NL Central has particularly enjoyed success against the former Cincinnati Reds/Milwaukee Brewers lefty. source ESPN NY