Friday, September 16, 2011

Mets wont wait for Reyes

Photo by Michael Baron
Jayson Starks reports that he has heard, that if Jose Reyes thinks he'll shop for the best offer and then bring it back to the Mets, that the Mets wont be waiting for him. I wonder if Reyes has had one too many hamstring issues for the Mets this season, for them to consider the number of years he expects to get. 

Two trips to the DL and shutting down his running game should make any team leery of giving him a multi-year deal.  I expect someone will go at least five years and while there might have been a point in this season that the Mets may have, I'm not sure if they will now...

The buzz coming out of Flushing is that the Mets have very little interest in waiting around this winter for Jose Reyes to decide whether to stay or bolt. One source who's tight with the Mets brass tells Rumblings they're "either going to be in or out real quick." source ESPN