Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sickels views Diehl as a sleeper...

Photo by Michael Baron

Jon Sickels at Minor League Ball takes a look at each team's potential sleeper from this year's draft.  His criteria was that they needed to be drafted after the 6th round and not get paid a large over-slot signing bonus.  For the Mets, Sickel's selected catcher Jeff Diehl as their potential sleeper...

NEW YORK METS: Jeff Diehl, C: Drafted in the 23rd round from high school in Rhode Island, Diehl signed too late to play so we have no stats to look at, but he qualifies as someone to watch in '12. He's considered raw but promising, with a strong arm, plenty of bat speed, and good power potential. His $135,000 bonus could be a real bargain if he reaches his maximum potential.
source Minor league ball