Friday, September 23, 2011

Will Warthen be back next year...

As the Mets complete another losing season, there are rumors abound about what changes will be made to improve our beloved club.  Sandy Alderson helped kick off that discussion by bringing up that the organization is seriously considering changing the outfield walls, I think with any new park you have to play in it for a while and then make adjustments.  Three seasons doesn't appear to be a knee jerk reaction, in my opinion and I would welcome the changes we've heard. 

Of course, with the off-season we'll spend countless hours discussing players and the roster, there will be a different looking team come March of 2012. 

But there appear to be some grumblings about the coaching staff, after only one season minor league pitching coordinator Rick Tomlin was let go.  Mike Silva of NYBD has some interesting thoughts on what the implications of that firing are, while Mack has heard some scuttlebutt as to what happened.  Meanwhile, without being specific Adam Rubin says it's not guaranteed that the entire staff will return next season.

Another thing to consider was Pedro Beato's diminshed results were blamed by the young pitcher on fatigue, which drew critcism from Collins because he has continued a strenuous side routine.  But there was Beato a day after getting shelled in the pen throwing a side session during yesterday's game, which lead the booth to discuss who should be controlling Beato; Dan Warthen...

What does this have to do with the firing of Tomlin? The Mets brought Dave Hudgens last winter at the big league level to establish a hitting philosophy. The Mets have been a team that gets on base and works the count. It seems like the young hitters have improved under the tutelage of Hudgens. I think you have seen the organization mirror similar type of teachings throughout. This type of vertical instruction is the way to build an organizational philosophy so that players come to New York already bought into what they will be taught. It starts, however, with how the big league club plays. source NYBD

Word I’ve gotten is he had a hard time doing what he was told to do by the people above him. He also liked to pitch favorites, though I don’t know who they were. I will say this… I found it very strange that pitchers like Kyle Allen, Robert Carson, and Tobi Stoner were still in the rotation in August, after pitching poorly for more than two seasons. source Mack's Mets

Sources told that team officials are not ready to guarantee the full coaching staff will be back, which will lead to speculation about Dan Warthen. The News continues to speculate third base coach Chip Hale might bolt to join friend Bob Melvin's staff in Oakland, which could land Triple-A manager Tim Teufel or Double-A manager Wally Backman on the staff. source ESPN NY