Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will Wheeler be the Giants Kazmir...

There are some striking similarities between the two teams situations and I was left wondering whether the Carlos Beltran for Zack Wheeler trade will be viewed upon in the same light as Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir.

To the Giants defense; at the time of the trade they were in first place, the reigning world champions and received one of the best clutch playoff hitters of his era.  With that said, there are those who will say that the Giants were a surprise winner in '10', overpaid for a balky kneed rental player and made a desperation move much like the Mets in 2004.   

What has made the Mets trade so infamous was that they were never really in the race to begin in 2004 and Victor Zambrano was not worth Scott Kazmir, even if you knew the outcome of Kazmir's career to this point. 

Still the similarities are striking, both teams gave up their top pitching prospect currently in A+ ball and a former #1 draft selection, neither team made the playoffs and in the end have nothing to show for the deal. 

Kazmir was the trade many Mets fans just couldn't let go, to the point where they wanted to see him signed earlier this season when he was let go by the Angels. 

Will the Giants feel compelled to resign Carlos Beltran and if they do, will their fans watch him waiting for failure much like the other Zambrano ( as he was referred to) was. More importantly is Wheeler the one that got away, injuries aside Mets fans love to lament in the fact that Kazmir was a double digit winner for five straight major league seasons.