Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wright: It's not about who replaces but what you can get...

Photo by Michael Baron
Let me start by saying that I'm not advocating trading David Wright but I also don't think the Mets are in a position where they can deem a player like Wright untouchable.  A superstar, in the prime of his career and under reasonably costing control for two more years ( including the club option); now those same reasons would be why they may opt to keep him. 

But a team that is rebuilding, that maybe seeking financial and roster flexibility shouldn't be deeming any player untouchable for some sentimental reasons such as being the face of the franchise. 

Again; this post has nothing to do with my feelings about David Wright as a Met, I will be very happy with this team returning to the playoffs with or without Wright. 

I've heard many fans say that when you show me a cheaper option who can replace Wright's production at his position then I will advocate moving him, I would counter that sound argument with the concept that it's not about replacing Wright but what you can get for him.

If Team Alderson can get a prospect like Zach Wheeler for Beltran an aging rental player with injury issues and K-Rod's albatross contract can be flipped for a decent LOOGY, then I can only imagine what they could get for Wright. 

In this post, I discussed the same concept in regards to Jose Reyes prior to this season.  In that post I reference an article from the Detroit Free Press, the Tigers traded the face of their franchise in Curtis Granderson, after the initial backlash the fan base has embraced the trade as the four players they recieved have all contributed to their resurgence.

So while Nick Evans, Dan Murphy, Zach Lutz or any of the free agent 3B aren't inspiring replacements, if Wright could garner the type of package Garnderson did ( a #2, two relievers and a starting CF) that would be inspiring. 

Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward, if they consider 2012 to still be a rebuildng year then the package they could recieve for Wright might put us on the fastrack back to the post season...