Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Latest on Bowa "not on the list"

Not that this is a reflection on anyone reporting, it seems like a very fluid situation but I'm starting to take these Larry Bowa reports with a grain of salt.

He was the first to be mentions but that seems to be a result of internal preliminary discussions and logical deduction since Bowa and Collins are long term friends.  Then Bowa, if he wanted the job really stuck his foot in his mouth during a satellite radio interview and most reports had him all but eliminated.  Then just yesterday there was a report that he would be interviewing and today that report is being adamantly denied...

Larry Bowa, whose name was initially raised by Mets insiders as a potential replacement for Ken Oberkfell as Terry Collins bench coach, is not currently a candidate, according to two people familiar with the team’s thinking. One source said that Bowa was “not on the list” at the moment. source Daily News