Thursday, October 6, 2011

A look back at Bowa's comments from '10'

A year ago it almost seemed like a forgone conclusion that Larry Bowa would join the Mets staff, Mets fans were screaming for an authoritarian approach and not only was Bowa that but he was also a good friend of Terry Collins.

Whether it was because Alderson was concerned about burning the team out with two fiery personalities or Obie was seen as more valueable due to all of his AAA players joining the major league team, Bowa's phone never did ring. 

I'd love to have Bowa on the staff not because of his fiery personality but more for how he seems to get the most from players he's assigned to take under his wing.  The funny thing is, I don't see this team as in need of discipline the way the 08-09 teams did, the only time I've seen a player appear to slack off was Angel Pagan and his sometimes lazy routes to balls in the gap.  But at the same time the organization might be more comfortable with Collins and giving him the staff he wants. 

Here are some of the comments Bowa made last year when many thought he was the leading candidate for the bench coach's position. 

During the conversation, Bowa recalled yesterday, Wright bemoaned that there was “no discipline here whatsoever,” nodding toward a relatively empty bench. That was symbolic of too many players being in the clubhouse rather than in the dugout supporting their teammates.

Bowa said Wright lamented that the coaches were afraid to assert authority over the players to better police such matters. In an e-mail response, Wright said he never questioned his team’s discipline, but that he was “frustrated” and said he probably did mention to Bowa that it was a “pet peeve” when guys are not on the bench. source New York Post