Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More on Buchholz and the Mets

Photo by Michael Baron
I found it interesting that the Mets activated Taylor Buchholz from the 60 day disabled list.  After losing almost the entire season to depression the team could have easily justified out-righting him and hoping to resign  on a minor league deal or even moving on altogether. 

The 29 y/o right hander will cost the team under 1M to keep and maybe showing him the support they have, will help him on his road to recovery.  Not only is it decent move, morally but it may also turn out to be beneficial to the club.  In 2009 Buchholz was a dominant set-up man for the Rockies posting a 2.17 ERA in 63 games  ( 2010 mostly lost to injuries) and last year he posted a 3.12 ERA with 8 game finishes in 32 appearances.

I've linked this article before but I wanted to again, to remind us all of Taylor's struggles and the rapport he has with the Mets...

“The Mets have been amazing to me, and they even hid it for a while. I kept getting questions and I started lying to people what was happening to me. I felt bad about that. I didn’t want them to lie about my situation anymore; I needed to let everyone know. That felt good to get it off my chest. I felt like I was letting people down, and everyone has been so supportive, especially Alderson.” If there was someone who shined throughout this process, it was Alderson. Dave Pasti, who’s been Buchholz’ agent throughout his 12-year pro career, had shopped his client around to a number of teams.

“Sandy actually called me, and I had to let him know what was going on with Taylor when the Mets first thought about signing him,” Pasti said. “We wanted to be honest and put it out there that Taylor was feeling better. When the Mets put Taylor on the DL, Alderson was a real prince in this whole thing. I dealt with a lot of different GMs, but Sandy is a man full of integrity, and he really handled this thing the best way you could. He really treated Taylor great.”

Which hit Buchholz.

“I had to apologize to him,” Taylor said. “Alderson gave me a shot when a lot of teams passed up on me. He gave me the chance, and I kind of felt like I let him down. I remember meeting up in his office and having a five-, 10-minute conversation about it. I was upset and I apologized to him about it. I felt I like let him down, and the team down. He just wanted me to get better. I have so much respect for him.” source AbingtonPatch