Thursday, October 6, 2011

Obie because of Hale- possibilities Bowa and Riggleman

According to reports Ken Oberkfell became a casualty of the coaching staff shake-up when Chip Hale decided to leave for Oakland.  Hale was seen as the coach with the knowledge of the major league players who was also an immense preparer, while Obie knew the guys from the minors. 

With Hale's departure it left the team needed someone with a major league background and the promotion of Teuful made Obie's knowledge of the minor leaguers' redundant. 

So the Mets will be looking for someone with major league experience and a preparation guy, possibly with a fiery personality ( Hale's personality).  So far the two names that have surfaced are Larry Bowa and Jim Riggleman. 

Bowa was believed to be in strong consideration last year but I think there was a sense that he and Collins together again might be too much.  Maybe now that they've seen a mellower Collins, Bowa might be less of a concern.  Riggleman has a reputation to repair after quiting in Washington, would it be too much to ask to have Bowa on the bench and Riggleman at 1B.

Hale was a fiery presence, a contrast to Oberkfell's laid-back personality, so the Mets could look for a more energetic person to fill that role. Collins had Larry Bowa on his staff with the Angels in the 1990s, and Bowa, according to sources, is on the manager's list of candidates for the bench coach job. Collins also has a long history with Jim Riggleman, who will be considered for the bench coach job, according to a source. source NY Post