Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pagan's job could be in jeopardy..

Photo by Michael Baron

Angel Pagan had a bad season on many level, to his credit it was the second consecutive season he played in 120 or more games. 

There was a time where Pagan appeared to be a starter but injuries prohibited him from staying on the field. 

Now the 30 y/o switch hitter looks more like a fourth outfielder with a poor/inaccurate arm who is prone to mental errors. 

The bigger dilemmma is how much Pagan will cost, last season he earned through arbitration 3.5M (asked for 4.2M) and this year even a modest raise puts him in the 4M range.

For a platoon partner or 4th outfielder who makes as many mistakes as Pagan did and at times appears to be the type who would rather pull up instead of dive I just don't see it as cost effective.  If he were going to cost in the 1-2M range, then I could see bringing him back.  Give him a chance to turn it around while you see what a guy like Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Matt Den Dekker can do on this level.

By most accounts those guys aren't ready but with a cheap Pagan in place you might be able to give them at least a taste of the majors.  Instead I think the Mets may need to go out and get more production and less mistakes for the position like David DeJesus or Coco Crisp.  Unless they decide to go completely defenisve then they might as well keep Jason Pridie.

"I think we have to look at our whole outfield situation and see where we are," Alderson said. "Whether that means different personnel or personnel playing different positions, there are offensive and defensive considerations. . . . Center field is a critical position for us defensively in this ballpark, with or without changes in the fences." source Daily News