Friday, October 14, 2011

Positive look on Geren

The other day I found several alarming quotes from players who were managed by Bob Geren.

Now there are always two sides to every story, in fact Geren got the job because Oakland players were fed up with Ken Macha.  They say losing brings out the worst in players, what may have been called eccentric when there was hope turns into poor communication when your losing. 

Athletics Nation is the equivalent of Metsblog for the A's, here's what they said about Geren at the time of his firing.  You'll notice there is nothing about poor communication or miss-use of bullpen arms...

I personally believe that Geren isn't gone for any other reason other than the fact that the A's young pitching was dropping at a ridiculous rate. Dallas Braden, Brett Anderson, Tyson Ross and Brandon McCarthy all dropping off to injury issues. source Athletics Nation

So here's what they were saying about Geren when there was hope for the future, here's some comments from players in Sept. 2010 when his option was picked up.  Quite a drastic change from what was being said when the season was disappointment...

"There's definitely a comfort level here," Andrew Bailey said. "I think we know what to expect, and I think Bob knows what he can expect from us. This year has been better than last year. As a team, we've obviously come together a little bit more and we're playing better baseball. It's something we're proud of and something we can build on for next year."

"He's changed a little bit," Mark Ellis said. "He lets guys run a little bit more and play their game a little bit more. He likes to be hands-on, he likes to have his hands on everything, but he's starting to let it go a little bit and let guys play a little bit more."

"Throughout the years, he's gotten so much better with the players," Gio Gonzalez said. "Once you get comfortable around your players and see them a lot, you start opening up. He knows how to interact and relax and keep it cool sometimes." source