Monday, October 10, 2011

Riggleman connections to the club

Reports indicate that Jim Riggleman will interview for the bench coach position on Wednesday, I thought it would be fitting to take a closer look at him. 

Riggleman is orginally from Fort Dix, New Jersey so I guess it would be safe to say he knows the area. 

The Mets are looking for a bench coach with major league experience, Riggleman has been on the Nats staff since 2009 so he's familiar with the NL east and has been on major league staffs' since 1992. 

In 1974 Collins and Riggleman were teammates on the Dodgers AA affliate in Waterbury and have reportedly been friends since.

Dan Warthen was the Padres roving pitching instructor along with the AAA pitching coach 1993-1995 during which time Riggleman was the Pads manager. 

The new bullpen coach Ricky Bones was a pitcher in 1991 on the Pads AAA Las Vegas team that was managed by Riggleman. 

Finally the last connection to the staff is new 3B coach Tim Tueful who finished his career as a player from 1991-1993 with Riggleman as his manager, which would mean Bones was among that group as a pitcher and Warthen a minor league instructor.

It would seem that Riggleman is a perfect fit, he has relationships with the entire staff  making him less of a threat, major league managerial experience, knowledge of the NY area and the NL east.