Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seven Mets now Free agents...

Photo by Michael Baron
The union published an official list of free agents, which included seven Mets from the 2011 roster.  Of course, the biggest name on our list is Jose Reyes, the others were all minor role players on a mediocre team so I don't think any of them are significant loses.

Where do I stand on Jose Reyes, I'd like to see him return but not at any cost.  At one point I thought five years was my cut off but I've started to lean towards a four year deal, which I don't believe will get it done and am starting to accept the fact that Reyes will be somewhere else next year.

Capuano would be the only other player I'd like to see them make an effort at returning but even that would have to be a one year deal, the others would be invite types for me...

Batista, Miguel NYM
Capuano, Chris NYM
Hairston, Scott NYM
Harris, Willie NYM
Isringhausen, Jason NYM
Reyes, Jose NYM
Young, Chris NYM
source Amazin Stories