Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Voigt would be a solid pick...

When Bob Geren was selected as bench coach it was reported that Jack Voigt was one of the candidates for the first base coaching position.  I'd like to weigh in that I think Voigt would be an excellent selection for the position.

Voigt was drafted as an outfielder by the Orioles where he came up through their system and appeared in 127 games over four seasons, hitting .272.  Even back in his early years he was recognized as a student of the game...

Need to know who's pitching against the Orioles three weeks from Wednesday? Go ask Jack. He'll tell you.

Wondering which umpiring crew is coming to town for the next series? Go ask Jack. He'll tell you. Not only that, he's probably on a first-name basis with every umpire on the crew.

Need your thirst for trade rumors quenched? Go ask Jack. He'll tell you.

Stumped as to what Rafael Palmeiro is hitting in day games played after night games? Go ask Jack. The man knows his decimal points.

There isn't much you can tell outfielder Jack Voigt that he hasn't already found out on his own. source Baltimore Sun 

After a brief and unsuccessful two year stint in Texas where he played in 38 MLB games with a .155 BA he would have his most successful season with the Brewers.  In 1997 at the age of 31 y/o he appeared in 74 games while hitting .245 and got a reputation as a versatile player...

After a few more partial seasons in Baltimore and Texas, Voigt signed a one year, $150,000 deal with the Brewers for the 1997 season. He played in a career high 74 games that season, hitting .245/.331/.490. His real value, though, came from his versatility: Voigt played all three outfield positions as well as first and third base during his brief time in Milwaukee, becoming only the second Brewer ever to play all five spots in the same season: source Brew Crew Ball

His last season as a player came in 1998 in Oakland, Sandy had already stepped down as president the year before but Paul Depodesta and J.P. Ricciardi were there.  So Voigt was a student of the game, who adapted himself to multiple positions and is familiar with the front office, all of which would make him a strong candidate for the 1B coaches' job but that's not what makes his candidacy so strong. 

After his playing days Voigt would go on to become an accomplished coach, in all the areas where  the Mets need help (bunting, outfield and baserunning).   He's been a coach/manager since 2000 but here are a few of the assignments  that stood out to me from his coaching resume;

2003 Outfield and base running coordinator Orioles
2004 Base running and Bunting coach Braves
2006 Advanced scout for Mets
2007-2010 Hitting Instructor for Bison's and B-Mets
2011 Outfield and base running coordinator Mets