Monday, October 10, 2011

Who does Bowa think he is...

Just a year ago Larry Bowa was practically campaigning for a position on the Mets coaching staff.

Collins was not as precise, though Bowa said he believes he would have a strong chance to serve in some capacity. He said Collins was being “tight-lipped” about the Mets job because Collins believed he had the Dodgers managing job after the 2005 season, but then GM Paul DePodesta was fired and Los Angeles decided to go with Grady Little. source NY Post

Now this season in an interview with Chris Russo it sounds like he wants teams to campaign for him and has expectations for what he will accept.

You know, I don’t like losing, and I go to a team like New York or somebody that’s not committed to winning, I mean, I gotta really delve into that and say, ‘Is it going to get better?’ If it gets better, I like seeing teams get better. But if it’s going to stay the same, you know, I don’t like stuff like that. I like to compete. I like to have a chance, every time you go on the field I like to have a chance to win. … Let me tell you this: if I did get back in uniform – if I did – it’s not going to be to coach third [base], it’s going to be as bench coach.” source Metsblog

I'm no Wilpon apologist but Bowa's comments rubbed me wrong, even if he's right to question the desire of ownership, as a guy looking to get back into baseball who is he to question our team.  Sell me on why I need you, like you seemed to be doing last year, instead of basically telling the team to sell him on why he should be picking the Mets.
Look Bowa is a solid baseball man who I'd like to have on the Mets staff, he has gotten guys who were underachieving to make the most of their talents, Robinson Cano comes to mind.  But his personalty has also worn out his welcome both as a player and as a manager/coach. I don't think the Mets should be kissing anybodies ring to get them to come here, especially since it's a Phillies ring ( 1980 as a player). 
Maybe I'm being protective or misreading his comments but my first reaction to Bowa's comments wasn't "Oh boy he doesn't sound to enthusiastic about coming here" it was more like "who the F**k does he think he is, we don't need any coach that bad"...
What "We" can say and "they" ( outsiders) can say are to totally different parameters I don't want a coaching candidate who's questioning my teams integrity ( desire to win) even if I may question the Wilpon's desire, if you don't want to come here, to be part of the solution no matter how hard that task maybe then I want somebody who does...