Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breaking down Mets CF situation...

Adam Rubin in his weekly chat broke down the center field situation, it appears that it will be very surprising if Angel Pagan is the starting center fielder for the Mets in 2012.  Here is a list of the available center fielders ( via MLBTR):

Rick Ankiel (32)
Willie Bloomquist (34)
Mike Cameron (39)
Endy Chavez (34)
Coco Crisp (32)
David DeJesus (32) - Type B
Scott Hairston (32)
Andruw Jones (35)
Nate McLouth (30)
Corey Patterson (32)
Cody Ross (31) - Type B
Grady Sizemore (29)
Dewayne Wise (34)

Sizemore and Crisp would be the true starting center fielders but as Rubin points out they come with a risk and would cost the most.  Many bring up DeJesus, the Manalapan, NJ native is really more of a corner outfielder at this point.  Most of the others are reserves like Pagan or platoon partners. 

Ankiel intrigues me and Joe DeMayo brings up the idea of a Ross/McLouth platoon, the numbers do support the idea.   I agree Pagan should not be the starting center fielder especially at what he will make through arbitration next year, but I'm not sure where the starter will come from. 

Team officials are definitely down on him. They feel like he's a very solid backup who has now priced himself out of his optimal role. He made $3.5 million this past season and is arbitration-eligible, meaning he could be at $4.5 million or more in 2012 if they tendered him a contract. I would look for the Mets to shop Pagan over the next month and non-tender him on Dec. 12 if it came to that. That said, that means they have to go outside the organization for a center fielder. And when all is said and done, we'll see what they can find. Grady Sizemore is the top center fielder, but his injury history and price probably scares them away. Coco Crisp had a low on-base percentage, and his agent told the San Francisco Chronicle he preferred the West Coast. There are reports the Rays may non-tender Upton. He and David Wright grew up together. source ESPN NY