Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Capuano too pricey

Photo by Michael Baron
Reports circulated yesterday that Chris Capuano is seeking a two year deal and that the Mets are only willing to go one.  The chorus of Wilpon bashing can once again chime in but in my opinion the Mets are taking the right stance on this one. 

Cappy was a decent back of the rotation guy but he fatigued down the stretch and is too much of an injury risk to give anything more then a one year deal.

As a lefty in a weak market I'm sure he'll get a two year deal and I wish him luck, but the Mets aren't in the position to take such a risk.  A two year deal to Cappy is the exact type of contract Omar would have been killed over for giving away too many years ( think El Duque)....