Thursday, November 17, 2011

A closer look at Pelfrey- Street

Photo by Michael Baron
Joel Sherman reported earlier today that the Mets and Rockies discussed a trade that would be built around Huston Street and Mike Pelfrey.  Intially I was all for the trade but that was probably due to my bias against Pelfrey, whether it comes from trade or non-tender I wish Pelfrey wasn't returning next.  All I've heard is that he provides innings but if those innings aren't quality then what's the point.  Here's a closer look at the two players, decide for yourself...

Before I can even look at Huston Street's pitching numbers or his contract, you have to see how Street would do with the Mets.  Street doesn't like our new bench coach Bob Geren very much, as evident by these comments:

Bob was never good at communication, and I don't want to speak for anybody else, but it was a sentiment reflected in many conversations during the two years I spent in Oakland, and even recently when talking to guys after I left," Street told the newspaper. "For me personally, he was my least favorite person I have ever encountered in sports from age 6 to 27. I am very thankful to be in a place where I can trust my manager." source Sporting News

Since Street's name surfaced I've heard several describe him as a malcontent but other then the above blasting of Geren I couldn't find an article to collaborate such an accusation.

The past season Street posted a career worst ERA at 3.86, his career ERA is 3.11 but he also had a career high 29 saves.  In seven seasons Street has amassed 178 games in 312 game fininshes between Oakland and Colorado.  His career WHIP is a solid 1.06 and his worst was 1.21 ERA which he produced in two seasons.  According to Cots Contract here's whats left on his contract; 12:$7.5M, 13:$9M player option (club may decline and pay $0.5M buyout).  

Mike Pelfrey has produced four straight 30 or more start seasons in which he's logged 183 innings or more, but that has been to a sub-par ERA ( career 4.40) and WHIP ( career 1.45).  He avoided arbitration this year by signing for 3.95 M which would mean a modest 20% increase brings him close to 5M.

So the questions this trade would bring up are ; Could Street and Geren coexist, Can Street handle a big market to the extent of making an 8M commitment (7.5M + 0.5M), Could the Mets find a cheaper fifth starter who can go 200 innings at a 4.40 ERA....