Monday, November 7, 2011

Could Wayne be out of the booth...

The Daily News is reporting that Wayne Hagin's contact is up and the Mets maybe considering a change in the booth instead of re-newing.  Initially I really disliked Hagin, his slow mid-western style didn't work for me but over time he has grown on me.  Not that I'd miss him if they decided to go in a different direction but it I have found myself at times enjoying the banter he has with Howie...

Is Wayne Hagin out as one of the Mets radio voices?
That remains to be seen. Hagin’s current contract expires Dec. 31. No decision on his future in the Mets/WFAN booth has been made.
Radio moles say FANdroids and Mets suits are already in consultation, exploring broadcast booth options.
This means they are looking at Hagin, as well as other candidates, to join Howie Rose at the Mets radio mike. source Daily News