Sunday, November 6, 2011

Depodesta heir apparent ?

I found it interesting how Bob Klapish of the Record portrayed the Mets front office situation.  Klapish reports that those who know Alderson believe his position with the Mets is short term and it looks like Paul Depodesta could be in-line to take over.  Some feel that Alderson will be the next Commissioner and therefore, this position hinges upon when Bud Selig decides to retire.  Of course, this plan hinges upon the Wilpon's keeping the team, a new owner could go in a complete different direction. 

Friends of the GM believe he has no intention of a long run in Flushing. The working theory is that Bud Selig informally “loaned” the well-respected Alderson to the Wilpons to help stabilize the franchise. Eventually, the day-to-day operations will be turned over to assistant Paul DePodesta, the former Dodgers GM who learned his trade as Billy Beane’s right-hand man. source North

Depodesta is a bit of a surprise as the heir apparent, in just Sept. when being interviewed about the movie Moneyball he said he was content with not being a GM.  I thought his lack of interest was the reason why his name was never mentioned this off-season despite J.P. being mentioned several times with numerous positions open but maybe people in the "Know" realize he's staying with the Mets.  If Depo is the next in line where does that put Wilpon hold over Ricco.

DePodesta has learned enough since then that when I asked him whether he wanted to be a general manager again, there was no awkward silence.

"No, not particularly," he said quickly, strongly. "From my perspective, it's not necessarily a great job." source LA Times

As far as Los Angeles there are mixed reviews that he was never given a chance by the media and fans, while not being ready for the position and being put in a no win situation with ownership ( Lasorda an old school guy had McCourt's ear the entire tenure). 

He only lasted two seasons and never had a first round pick so it's hard to tell what direction he was going in, on the major league side he was killed for trading LoDuca and Mota for Penny and others when the team had a 60-42 record.  Penny and free agent signing Lowe would head a rotation that made the playoff's in 2006, while trading LoDuca made room for then All-Star Russell Martin.  He let Beltre walk for a 4M difference ( 60M Vs 64M) but the sandwich pick he received he couldn't sign, Luke Hochevar.

In addition to media pressure which was resistant to imploding a team on moneyball principles, Lasorda's apparent undermining ( speculation) to McCourt, his real demise was significant injuries to the roster resulting in a disappointing 2005 season ( sound familiar) and then bucking the owner over manager selection, small world Depodesta's pick was Collins.