Thursday, November 24, 2011

Five Things Mets Fans Should Be Thankful For!!

As we all sit down today to fill our guts to excess and watch the NFL's tripleheader, I think its important as Mets fans to remember that we still have things we should be thankful for.  Despite all the uncertainty, anxiety and embarrassment, we should really take the time to be thankful for the positives we do have.

1)  The Past - 2012 brings with it the 50th anniversary of the New York Mets.  With 1969 and 1986 being the obvious highlights, the Mets have brought two championships to Flushing.  Yes, its been twenty-five years and counting, but things could be a lot worse.  The Houston Astros, who entered the ranks of Major League Baseball in 1962 with the Mets, have managed only one World Series appearance and are yet to win a championship of their own.  Also...we could always be Cubs fans.

2) The Future - I know it looks bleek...but the night is always darkest before the dawn.  I don't expect the team to contend until at least the 2014 time frame, however I believe that the organization has the front office in place to turn this around.  Ten years of (mostly) bad decisions cannot be rectified in a single season (or even two), but changes are coming.  When the Zack Wheelers and Matt Harveys of the world finally make their debut, Mets fans will be excited.  The future isn't here yet, but its coming.

3) Jose Reyes - This is another area that I approach with hesitation.  While we don't know what the future has in store for our favorite speedster, Mets fans should be thankful that they've had the opportunity to watch Jose mature into one of the most exciting players in baseball.  I suppose its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right?

4) RA Dickey - Has there been a better surprise in the past few years?  In reality, RA Dickey is probably overrated by most Mets fans.  He was unlucky throughout the majority of 2011, but is a solid 12-14 game winner for this team moving forward and provides so much comedy in the process.  Whether its his performances, the faces, the twitter account or the Star Wars commercials at Citi Field, RA Dickey has been an asset to this franchise in recent years.  No two ways about it.

5) Our Fanbase - Passionate. Engaging. Loyal. Schizophrenic.  I don't envision too many groups who would not only stay behind an organization that has had this many ups and downs, but here we are.  Five years since the team's most recent playoff appearance, with more embarassing moments than I care to count, we gear up for another season of probable mediocrity in the hopes that magic happens.  We may not be the most logical group, but I'm proud to be a Mets fan and I'm thankful your all still here with me.

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