Sunday, November 27, 2011

Havens could have been the starting 2B...

MiLB has an article running that reviews the Mets top prospects per position, including comments from Paul Depodesta and Wally Backman.  Despite his injuries Reese Havens is still considered the best second baseman in the system and here is what they had to say about him...

"Whenever Reese has been healthy, he has always been able to perform," DePodesta said. "He's a natural hitter."

Havens, selected 22nd overall in the 2008 Draft, is New York's No. 9 prospect.

"Big-league hitter," echoed new Buffalo skipper Wally Backman, who managed Binghamton last season. "The issue with him has always been health. If he had stayed healthy [in 2010], I believe he would have been the second baseman for the Mets [in 2011]." source MiLB

Havens was selected with the next pick behind Ike Davis; just to compare how much time the 2B has lost, Davis missed over half the 2011 season and still has appeared in 365 (combined Major/minors) while Havens has 213 minor league games.

In a post for Toby Hyde's Mets Minor League Blog, Michael Diaz provides some insight on what he saw of Havens when he visited Binghamton in August 2011.

◦He is not a fist pumper when something good happens, not a guy to scream and yell and get emotional on a K, but even keel attitude, but extremely intense and focused.
◦Solid defender. Not flashy but solid. Will make the routine plays. ◦Strong throwing arm; good footwork around the bag on the pivot. Mobility was hampered by his health.
◦Very quiet at the plate; works the count to his favor; will expand the zone.
◦Strong hitter; ball jumps off of his bat; creates backspin and carry.
◦Above average power for his position; strikeouts can become an issue.
source Mets Minor League Blog