Monday, November 28, 2011

Mets have not had contact with Capps

I wasn't concerned or annoyed with reports that Jonathan Broxton was close to signing elsewhere nor was I that concerned with Joe Nathan signing with the Rangers after hearing what he received.  But for a team that will only sign relievers, I'm growing concerned as the numbers begin to dwindle with what appears to be their lack of urgency. 

Once Broxton is off the board there will be six closers with 6-7 teams looking, the Mets talked to Matt Capps agent at the GM meetings and have said they will begin to make moves this week.  But according to the agent for Capps the Mets have not contacted him since those meetings.  I can't lie, seeing the tweet about the Mets lack of contact, my initial thought was "what the F*ck are they doing/waiting for"...