Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is Sizemore on a 1yr that big an injury risk...

It was reported early this week that Grady Sizemore is looking to accept a one year deal to prove his health and rebuild his value. 

As Heyman's tweet implies the biggest concern with Sizemore is his health, prior to 2010 he was one of the best center fielders in the game.  A three time All-Star, two time Gold Glove winner, and a silver slugger.  In fact Sizemore was once more of an iron man type then an injury concern, he played in 157 games or more for four straight years and between 2006-2008 he played in 382 consecutive games.  In 2008 he joined the 30-30 club.

2009 was the first time he lost significant time to injuries, he was 26y/o and in his 6th major league season.  After the Indians were eliminated from the playoff's he elected to have elbow surgery and abdomen surgery.  Both injuries he was playing through, in fact the abdomen issue started in the spring with a sports hernia.  He played in 106 games in which he hit .248, 20 points below his career average. 

He would miss all but 33 games of the 2010 season due to micro fracture surgery on his left knee and last year missed substantial time due to a right knee contusion and a second sports hernia.  He would play in 77 games in which he hit .224.

Sizemore is a 29 y/o left handed hitter and holds the third best career fielding percentage for outfielders, .9935 %. Still two bad knees and a reoccurring hernia issue is enough to keep me away even on a one year deal. 

If your thinking hasn't Pagan been injured a lot over the years, he's played over 150 games one season ( 2010) and last year played in 123 games.  Prior to that his season high was 88 games in 2009.  He does hit for a better average then Sizemore .279 Vs .269 but doesn't possess the power that Grady does and the two produce about the same on the base path.

While I think Sizemore is too much of a risk I also don't think that means Pagan should remain in center field...