Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Murphy or Duda could be on the block ?

Ken Rosenthal speculates that the Mets could look to trade one of Lucas Duda or Dan Murphy because of duplication.  Alderson has suggested several times when speaking to the media that some of the holes could be filled this off-season through trades and if the team is rebuilding then they'd probably be reluctant to deal prospects...

Alderson loves the long ball and with the fences being moved in, I'd be very surprised if Duda is on the block.  Murphy on the other hand while possessing the preferred high OBP, I'm not buying that he's the starting 2B.  This is a guy who in a very short period of time at the position has had both knees blown out due to poor footwork.  Announcing that if Reyes leaves, Murphy will be the starting 2B sounds like a value ploy to me.  Murphy would be a perfect fit in a small market as a #3 hitting DH and utility player, say KC, Oakland or Seattle for example.