Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mets must be confident in Davis return...

Photo by Michael Baron
On Friday Adam Rubin provided an up-date on Ike Davis' ankle.  The young 1B is back to working out and says the ankle feels good.  The Mets must be confident in Davis' return since on that same day they out-righted Evans and risked losing their best back-up option. 

I know Some feel Murphy was a serviceable option and for a game or two I would agree. But more then a week and Murphy's over aggressiveness is a liability that takes him out of position and effects those around him.

Evans on the other hand showed solid footwork, a decent glove both on grounders and scoping up errant throws. 

Nick could end up staying, the point is that the Mets must be very confident in Davis' return if they would risk Evans before they've even see Ike on the field. 

"I feel good," said Davis, who never underwent surgery to address the issue. "I'm working out, trying to get in shape. I'm doing weightlifting, agility. I've done some running and it's been good. Obviously I don't know what would happen if I roll it or something, but I think what I'm doing now is probably going to be harder than the actual baseball stuff." source ESPN NY