Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starting pitcher's names that have come up...

We've heard the list of closers and late inning relievers discussed to death,also names like Rick Ankiel, Endy Chavez and Jack Wilson have come up but we've heard very little about the rotation. 

Johan Santana, R.A. Dickey Jon Niese, Mike Pelfrey and Dillon Gee appear to be next year's rotation.  Of course, they will need a few guys as insurance policies and I'm sure Buffalo would appreciate some AAAA pitching.  Dillon Gee or a signed pitcher could be a longman spot starter as well. 

Not only is it good to have depth but even with young pitcher's I believe in spring training competition is important.  Basically the Mets will be looking to replace Chris Capuano's spot, a low cost/risk veteran on a one year deal. 

In two recent articles at Mets.com they speculate on four pitchers who would be the type of pitchers the Mets will go after.  Here is a look at what they did last year and what they cost...

Jeff Francis (30) LHP- 31 starts- 183 innings- 4.82 ERA- 1.43 WHIP- 2M/ KC
Paul Maholm (30) LHP- 26 starts- 162 innings- 3.66 ERA- 1.29 WHIP- 6.2M /Pitt.
Joel Pineiro (33) RHP- 24 starts-  145 innings- 5.13 ERA- 1.51 WHIP- 8M/LAA
Jason Marquis (33) RHP- 23 starts-132 innings- 4.43 ERA- 1.49 WHIP-7.5M/WA

If not, a host of other low-cost, low-ceiling options exist: Jeff Francis, Paul Maholm and Joel Pineiro, to name a few. source MLB.com

The Mets are also unhappy with their rotation depth, once again putting them in the market for a mid-level starting pitcher. Given the unlikelihood that they will pursue incumbent lefty Chris Capuano, who is seeking a multiyear deal, the Mets may chase after Joel Pineiro, Jeff Francis, Jason Marquis or some other similar starter at the Meetings.source MLB.com