Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yoenis Cespedes too big a swing...

Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes has been receiving interest from multiple teams and is believed to be looking for a multi-year, major league deal. Some Mets fans have suggested that the Mets should look at him as their center fielder.  I think because of the interest level he will be too rich for the Mets taste, besides these international, multi-year major league deals are too risky for me, just look at Kaz and Iggy.  Despite the interest not all the scouts are enamoured with Cespedes.

The Cuban slugger was worked out by the Red Sox on Friday. Though he has five-tool ability, it’s not known whether he can be effective vs. major league pitching. Cespedes has faced mostly pitchers who throw in the mid-80s, which is why teams like the Phillies and Red Sox have held private workouts. Said one scout who watched him last week, “He has too long of a swing for me. He could strike out a lot. He reminds me of Wily Mo Pena a little with his power, but whether you can devote those kinds of dollars and project him as a top major league player, that’s quite a leap of faith.’’ source Boston Globe