Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ayala got a bad rap, we should be interested...

If you quickly glance at Louis Ayala's numbers from his tenure as Met, 5.50 ERA and 1.39 WHIP it doesn't look pretty.  Then listen to some Mets fans and it was Ayala who cost us a playoff birth in 2008. 

Ayala in fact beared the brunt on the fan bases frustration over it's second straight collapse.  He was placed in a no win situation, still recovering from an arm injury and coming over in the middle of a penant race in a large market from an out of it small market team. 

Looking at his numbers, he wasn't hardly as bad as he's been described.  In 2008 he appeared in 19 games for the Mets ( 18 innings), the Mets won 13 of those games while losing six.  Ayala finished 13 of those games and recorded nine saves.  He blew one save and surrended the lead in another game, the other four loses the team was already losing when he entered. 

In three games he allowed one earned run, two games he allowed three runs and in one game he allowed two runs, the other 14 appearances he held the opposition scoreless.  In all of those 19 innings he only walked one batter while striking out 13 and only allowing eight extra base hits ( 3 HRs and 5 doubles, no triples). 

As most, I have no interest in Ayala as a closer but I'm all for bringing him back as a reliever in the pen...