Monday, December 12, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Zack Wheeler On 2012, Our Fanbase & The Future

On the off chance you don't know, Zack Wheeler was drafted sixth overall by the San Francisco Giants in the 2009 Entry Draft.  This past summer, he was acquired by the Mets in the trade that sent Carlos Beltran to the Giants.  As per Baseball America, Wheeler immediately became, and remains, the top prospect in the Mets farm system which now boasts several quality prospects.

This weekend, Zack was nice enough to give me a few minutes of his time and answer a few questions by way of twitter.  Here's what he had to say:

Rob Patterson:  Having regularly interacted with fans on Twitter, do you feel any additional pressure knowing we are anxiously awaiting your promotion to the major league level?

Zack Wheeler:  No not at all.  I know the Mets fans are waiting but it will happen when it needs to.

RP:  Everyone has their idols..Is there anyone you've fashioned your game around?  Someone you're looking forward to working with/pitching against?

ZW:  To tell you the truth not really, but I like watching Justin Verlander because he sort of reminds me of myself.  So I watch him a good bit.

RP:  2012 will be your third professional season. Is there something particular you would like to accomplish this upcoming season?  What are you goals?

ZW:  Yeah, last year I developed my curve and slider to the point I never have before and this year I would like to work on locating them wherever I want so that I can be a better pitcher every time out.

RP:  Clearly people have their expectations, but what would you say to Mets fans who are eager to get through these troubling times?

ZW:  The fans just have to be patient.  The Mets are in a rebuilding mode.  We have some really good players down in the minors who are ready to win in the next few years.  So just hold tight and we will be good to go.

RP:  Zack, I really appreciate your time.  Best of luck this season..hopefully I can catch up with you again during the season!

ZW:  Alright thanks.  No problem.

As always, we appreciate Zack taking the time to talk with us.  Its good to know he's got his focus on developing his secondary pitches to accompany the low to mid nineties fastball we've all heard so much about.  Its also good to know he's got his pulse on both the fan base and the overall direction of the organization.  Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to speak with him again during the season so we can bring you more.

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