Friday, December 16, 2011

A Franchise Running Out Of Money Vs. A Fan Base Running Out Of Patience

Its an age old argument. Which came first..the chicken or the egg? When applying that question to baseball, it becomes what comes first..the talent or the money? The New York Mets currently find themselves lacking a good bit of both. A roster currently devoid of enough talent to be considered a serious contender backed up by a front office and ownership group devoid of the money necessary to do anything about it. Something has to give, right?

The Mets have spent the offseason making every change possible, with the exception of retaining/signing top tier talent, in order to fill the stands next year. They've lowered ticket prices, changed their uniforms and even brought the walls in. They're trying..but the fans aren't having it.

The fans have shown their disgust. All reports seem to indicate that season ticket sales are down. No one is optimistic about this upcoming season. Hell, the 7 Line is even producing 'Sell The Team" shirts in the hopes of imploring the Wilpons to move on. The level of pessimism and cynicism is at an all-time high, and with pretty good reason.

In the past 50 years, the Mets have made only seven trips to the playoffs, winning just two World Series. While those are undoubtedly better than the results seen by fans of the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs, many fans are jaded by the past five years which brought with them promise of big things, only to deliver nothing but heartbreak and despair.

As a result, fans aren't so ready to invest more heart, and more importantly more money, in a franchise seemingly unwilling to do the same. Its hard to make an argument that fans should make such an investment, as ownership funds appear destined to go everywhere but towards the on-field talent. So what will force a change? Does young talent eventually lead to wins, which draws fans back to the ball park or will fans break first, unable to stay away from Mets baseball? Both sides seem entrenched..more so than ever.  Who can wait the other out..and more importantly, how ugly will it get in the process?

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