Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jose Is Gone -- I'm Officially Over It

So, its been about 72 hours since former Met, Jose Reyes, decided to sign with the Marlins for 6 year/$106 million dollars.  I was mad at first.  Too mad to write about it, as our lovely little site here rightfully frowns on profanity.  Then I wrote about it and now...I'm good.  I've never been one of those "the sky is falling" type of fans.  After a few moments of panic I generally settle right back into the business at hand.  That business, is getting this franchise back on the right track.

As I wrote (here) about three weeks ago, I honestly believe that the Mets rebuild will not be slowed down due to the loss of Jose Reyes.  This team needs a complete make over, with probably no more than 3-5 players who have any sort of future with the franchise.  As such, while Jose would have made the next few years more exciting and it will undoubtedly sting seeing him in a Marlins jersey for the foreseeable future, he was not the difference between the 2012 Mets and a pennant race.

And so now we'll move forward.  We'll continue to await the young arms being cultivated down on the farm and hope that in the next year or two the Wilpons can either get their finances in order or go bust all together.  As I've been saying since the close of last season, unless the Mets stay extremely healthy AND get extremely lucky, you can basically write off the next two seasons.

Now that might suck...and it certainly isn't anything any of us are looking forward to, but it is the reality of the situation.  Thats not something Jose Reyes would have changed.  Who knows?  In two or three years we may all consider ourselves lucky that Reyes didn't stick around.  But for right now, lets get back down to business.  Lets root on those that are in Flushing as they don the blue and orange this season.  We're all still Mets fans and we still have a team to look after, regardless of how bad things look right now...

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