Thursday, December 15, 2011

A look at the roster: when contracts expire, years of Arby. and options

Last week I completed this post on the budget, basically were sitting at about $93M unless they take into consideration the entire 40 man roster.

Here's a look at when this group will be leaving or at least need to be re-signed to be kept.  The Mets currently have 8 players who are under major league contract, who are out of options, the year next to their name indicates the last year of the contract.

Johan Santana - 2013 club option for 2014
Jason Bay- 2013 mutual option for 2014
David Wright- 2012 club option for 2013
R.A. Dickey- 2012 club option for 2013
Frank Francisco- 2013
D.J. Carrasco- 2012
Jon Rauch- 2012
Tim Byrdak- 2012

As we know four players were offered arbitration, none of our current players are super twos so arbitration means they are out of options.  These players become free agents after the season of their last year of arbitration.

Mike Pelfrey- last year of arbitration 2013
Manny Acosta- last year of Arby. 2014
Ramon Ramirez- last year of Arby. 2012
Andres Torres- last year of Arby. 2013

The next group gets tougher to figure, how many options controllable players have left and when they become free agents.  Since none of these players have reached arbitration yet, they at least have four years left ( one controllable and three arbitration).

Daniel Herrera, Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese, Dan Murphy, Fernando Martinez, Justin Turner and Josh Thole all appear to be on their last option, making them arbitration eligible next year and free agents in 2016, except for Thole who looks to be a super two giving him another year of arbitration ( 2017).  Ike Davis was on schedule to be a super two as well, giving him one more option but four years of arbitration but I'm not sure how his injury will impact that status.

Last year Lucas Duda, Pedro Beato, Dillon Gee, Ruben Tejada and Mike Nickeas used their first option this past season giving the team two more years of options and then three years of arbitration, free agency will come for this group in 2017.

There were several players who came up for short stints, I don't believe they were up long enough to have burned an option but I could be wrong. Players like Jenrry Mejia, Josh Satin, Chris Schwinden, and Josh Stinson.

Non roster invites Adam Loewen, Lucas May, Garrett Olsen, and Vinny Rottino all have very little major league service time and it looks like if they caught on with the would have options.

Everyone else on the 40 man roster has not been to the major league level, from the time they were placed on the roster they have six years until free agency and three option years.  To be remove from the roster they have to make it through waivers, the first time through waivers the club can automatically keep them but any other time after that the player has the option to become a free agent.