Monday, December 12, 2011

Mets claim Hefner and sign two more to MiLB

The Mets have claimed Jeremy Hefner from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Hefner is a 25 y/o right handed pitcher. The front office should be very familiar with Hefner as he spent the first five seasons of his career in San Diego during the time when Alderson and Depodesta were running the team.

Last year in AAA he made 29 starts to a 4.92 ERA in which he struck out 120 in 157 innings while walking 61.  The year before in AA he made 28 starts to a 2.95 ERA with 115 strike outs in 167 innings while walking 51.

The Mets signed catching depth in Lucas May and lefty reliever Garrett Olson to minor league deals.  Hefner takes another roster spot in an already crowded roster, when the Mets announce Rauch/Francisco deals they will need two spots...

The Mets have claimed right-hander Jeremy Hefner off waivers from the Pittsburgh Pirates. They also have signed catcher Lucas May and left-hander Garrett Olson to minor league deals, sources told source ESPN NY