Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mets Edition: All I Want For Christmas!!

Stability: [stuh-bil-i-tee] noun 1: the state or quality of being stable.2: firmness in position. 3: continuance without change; permanence.

I know a lot of people might say money, but in my opinion if there is one thing that the New York Mets need it would be stability.  This is a pretty new problem for the Mets and not a problem when it relates to the team's front office.  Since 1997, a little more than fifteen years ago now, the Mets have had only five managers.  The same can be said for general managers (excluding interims) since that same time. Yes, organizational stability has not been their problem.

No, their problems have come to light in the past twelve to eighteen months.  On the heels of two consecutive losing seasons, the financial bottom feel out last winter.  Since then, it has been nothing but uncertainty and worry about the future of the franchise.  Those finances, which continue to spiral out of control, seem to be reaching rock bottom with the recent news that there is growing concern amongst those in Major League Baseball as ownership's debt reaches unreasonable proportions.

There is no telling what this season or the next will bring, but the immediate future doesn't seem bright.  It would appear that the best we can hope for over the course of this season might be that some stability will begin to creep into the picture.  What more can we ask for at this point, as stability will allow for the organization to move forward with more than a goal to reduce payroll and the franchise can start looking forward to Mets' baseball again.  Stability will also offer the opportunity for the focus to return to baseball, rather than loans, lawsuits and court cases.  Yes, stability at this point is all I want for Christmas this year!

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