Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mets Rightfully Ask That Dickey Not Climb Kilimanjaro

As reported by several news outlets today, the New York Mets have asked that R.A. Dickey not climb Mount Kilimanjaro this winter.  Dickey, who has planned this trip as a fundraiser for the Bombay Teen Challenge, is still reportedly planning on making the trip, however it will be against the team's wishes.  In a letter to Dickey the Mets basically said that they reserve the right to void the final year of his contract should anything bad happen on the assent.

Oddly enough, many Mets fans have taken exception to the fact that the Mets would prefer that Dickey not make the trip, likely due to the charitable nature of the venture.  I however think that the Mets are absolutely 100% within their right to ask that Dickey not make the climb.

According to UltimateKilimanjaro.com, there are an estimated ten deaths annually on the mountain.  Other sites, including MtKilimanjarologue.com claim that of the 30,000 people who attempt the climb every year, roughly 40% don't reach the summit for a variety of reasons including injury and sickness.  Basically, what everyone should note when addressing this subject is that this trip is extremely dangerous.

Those dangers will be very real to the pitcher, who the Mets have committed another $5.3 million dollars to over the next 12 months.  RA Dickey is an investment from a baseball standpoint.  Remember, this is a business, and while what Dickey has in mind from a fundraising standpoint is great, it does not supersede his commitment to the New York Mets.

People so often forget that baseball is a business.  This situation is no different.  The Mets have an organization to run and cannot allow one of the most solid pieces of their ball club to risk his career..even if it is for the greater good.

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