Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mets sticking with in-house catchers...

Apparently the Mets are out of the catcher's market, after identifying it as an area to address since the season ended they now feel what they have is better then what's available.  As you can tell by the tone of this post I disagree with them and would find the cost of Kelly Shoppach or Chris Snyder money well spent.  With a young staff that has some fragile pieces ( Pelfrey/Parnell) I think a veteran catcher with a reputation for handling pitchers would be worth more then his BA can be discounted.  In Shoppach's case while he has a dismal BA he would provide some nice power.  Has Nickeas suddenly proven he can hit in the majors ( which is what there concern was) or that Paulino will stick with the plan and get off the bench when told to. 

Rather than pursue a righty-hitting free-agent catcher, the Mets resolved Tuesday to handle that position from within and use the money that might be devoted to that position to add to the pot available for pitching.
source ESPN NY