Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mets Trade Angel Pagan To San Francisco

Multiple sources now reporting that the Mets have agreed to trade Angel Pagan to the San Francisco Giants in exchange for center-fielder, Andres Torres, and relief pitcher, Ramon Ramirez.

Torres should compete for the center-field spot in spring training, but on the cuff doesn't appear to be a full-time replacement for Pagan, as he is coming of a down year. Furthermore, while Torres does have decent speed, he is not the threat on the bases Pagan was for the Mets. No word as to who is likely to be the Mets lead off man now that both Reyes and Pagan have exited this offseason.

Ramirez is the gem of this deal, as he has posted an ERA under 3.00 each of the last three seasons and really provides the team with a another quality arm out of the bullpen. Ramon had an above average (for him) 8.7 SO/9IP last season and gives up very few home runs. Both should be very welcomed by the Mets bullpen.