Sunday, December 11, 2011

Murphy and Gonzalez further show multi-tasking approach

Photo by Michael Baron
The priority this off-season was to re-build the bullpen, Alderson didn't methodically sign or trade for one piece at a time.  He checked in with the big names ( Lidge/K-Rod), took a look at the lesser options ( Qualls/Ayala) and looked in on the trade front.  Once he had a feel for the market in a window of two hours he completely revamped the entire bullpen in my opinion Tuesday night was quite a display of multi-tasking.

If that wasn't enough of an example of how Alderson operates then maybe some of the rumors that have leaked since the meetings will clarify. It's been reported by Ken Gurnick of that the Dodgers were attempting trade for Daniel Murphy but the Mets found a better deal with the Giants, not only is Torres a better option then Gwynn but Ramirez was a great pick-up.

But Colletti said the trade he thought might happen instead unraveled when the other club satisfied its need elsewhere without trading the player he wanted. That apparently was a reference to the Mets' acquisition of Giants outfielder Andres Torres. It's not clear who the Dodgers would have sent to the Mets, although Tony Gwynn Jr. is also an outfield defensive specialist. source

However, had Murphy left via trade it looks like Sandy was lining up his replacement by offering Alex Gonzalez   a contract ( source Metsblog). 

So while a rumor like Jon Niese doesn't make sense on the surface, it's hard to tell what the entire plan was or how many layers would be involved in such a deal.