Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rubin on Turner and Eric Young Jr

Photo by Michael Baron
Adam Rubin during his weekly Thursday chat discussed Eric Young Jr and Justin Tuner.  I know Turner is a fan favorite and the numbers explain why he's become such a favorite;  he hits over .350 with runners on in scoring position even when there's two outs.

But Turner can't play SS making it necessary to sign a player who can back-up Ruben Tejada, most any utility short stop is going to play most of the infield making Turner redundant on the bench.

Young would provide flexibility that Turner can't; he can fill in at 2B but he's more of an outfield, he would also be the only pinch runner on the bench and when in the line-up could be a base stealing threat.

Eric Young Jr. is definitely on the radar. I was told that two days ago. He's more of an outfielder than second baseman, and Colorado has a glut of outfielders, which is why they're motivated. I was told point blank by a source that the deal would get done if the Mets offered Justin Turner. He would be a backup, capable of spelling both Andres Torres in CF and Daniel Murphy at 2B, I suppose. source ESPN NY

You'd be trading bench player for bench player. It's not like it's Jon Niese for Eric Young Jr. source ESPN NY